Pet Internet Trends 2014 - infographic

Who Rules the Internet: Cats or Dogs? #infographic #socialmedia #contentmarketing with pets
Yes, we all love out cute kittens gifs and puppies photos. But did you ever wonder who actually rules the internet: dogs or cats?

Klooff (a social media company for pet content) shares an infographic highlighting 2014's pet internet trends and the numbers are interesting.

Some key takeaways:
#Catselfie is the internet pet trend of 2014.
Cat photos get 2.3 time more shares than dog photos.
A clear photos get 91 percent increase in engagement vs. a blury photo.
Puppy photos get 1.7 times more likes than adult dog photos.

Pet Internet Trends 2014 - #infographic #socialmedia #contentmarketing with pets

Top image credit: Klooff
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