The Strategy for Driving Sales from Social Media Content - infographic

How to Fuel your Sales Engine with #SocialMedia Content - #Infographic #marketing
The social sphere has long been an arena of engagement, but not sales. That has now changed. The explosion of social content like Instagram photos and Vine videos has opened an enormous opportunity for brands to directly connect social media and sales.
Brands now have the opportunity to launch sophisticated sales-driven social campaigns that turn Instagram followers into product photographers. These authentic consumer photos and videos are powerful tools that persuade consumers to purchase on company websites and through eCommerce platforms.
This infographic from Offerpop explains four simple steps to drive sales through social media.

1. Building Your Library of  User-Generated Content.
2. Capture Data from Promotion Participants
3. Turn Your Website into a Social Media Hub
4. Drive Commerce and Measure Results.
The Strategy for Driving Sales from #SocialMedia Content - #infographic #contentmarketing
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