Once Upon A Time in Content Marketing Land - infographic

Once Upon A Time in #ContentMarketing Land - #infographic #socialmedia
Want to know, what is content marketing and how it can help expand your brand two-fold?
Take a look at this adventure-packed infographic called: Once upon a time in content marketing land from Syndacast team which summarizes the whole content marketing world in a visually appealing manner:
Written Story:
In 2010... content marketing was born... the news of content's birth was shared and doubled in 2011 - 2013... as time went by... business marketing became friends with content... they worked together and found out many interesting things like increased brand awareness and customer engagement and that news on social media spreads quickly like wildfire... this makes it easier to communicate with prospects.
Check out this infographic for complete story.

Once Upon A Time in #ContentMarketing Land - #infographic #socialmedia

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