Is Your Content Marketing More Like Star Wars Or Star Trek? — infographic

Is Your Content Like Star Wars Or Star Trek — infographic
"May the force be with you" or "live long and prosper" there are many similarities between Star Wars and Star Trek. But it's the differences that makes being a fan of either series fun.
But have you ever thought about combining these two storytelling arcs with content marketing?
The geeky folks at kapost created an infographic in which they looked at the key distinctions between Star Wars and Star Trek, and connected them to another marketing passion: content strategy.

A key takeaways is: The actual "wars" in Star Wars are around some pretty heavy then light versus dark, good versus evil. If your content tends to tackle big themes or topics, you might be more on the Star Wars side. Star Trek plots often cover nuanced themes - who can forget Spock's self-sacrificial logic of the analogies to cultural assimilation posed by the Borg? You might be more on this side of the spectrum if your content trends to address niche,even wonky topics. See this infographic for more
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