The Science of What, When, and How to Post on Social Media

What, When, and How to Post on Social Media - infographic
When is the optimum time to post on GooglePlus? What About Pinterest, Twitter and Facebook? What, when and how to post on social media?
Well, the first and most important thing every social media marketer should bear in mind that the "best time to post on social media" is solely depend on your audience and content. You actually need to find your own best or worst posting times, by experimenting and analyzing what works and when, for each blog post, infographic or video you put out there.
Use Facebook insights, Twitter Analytics, Pinterest Analytics and Google+ Timing for your own best timings.
The visual below from Keystone Click proposing some tips on what to post, when to post it and how.
Key highlights from visual:
"Humans are creatures of habits. We like to know what to expect, and the same hold true online. Help your posts succeed by creating a consistent voice and using it in all of your posts.
When you're reading an article find the piece of information that gives you that a-ha moment. That is your gem, the piece of information that will hook your readers. Be sure you include that gem when you share the article!
Give credit where it's due not only is it the right thing to do, but it opens the door to build a relationship with the creator!".
The Science of What, When, and How to Post on Social Media
Top image credit : linkedin
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