The Landscape of Social Login: Facebook Soars, Google+ Steady, Yahoo Sinks - infographic

The Landscape of Social Login: Facebook Sails, Google Remained Strong, Yahoo Sinks - infographic
When it comes to consumer social login preferences, Facebook maintained a majority of all logins, while Google/G+ remained strong and Yahoo continued to uh-ohed, according to the Q1 (January - March) 2014 report from Gigya.
Facebook maintained its strong lead in mobile login in Q1 (62 percent), and Google/GPlus held onto a strong portion of logins as well (26 percent). Gigya expects Google/Google+ logins to increase in mobile as Android devices evolve to include seamless Google/GooglePlus authentication into native apps.
Take a look at this infographic showing how consumers used Social Logins across the internet and mobile devices by industry vertical and region in Q1 2014.
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Facebook Soars, Google Plus Steady, Yahoo Slumps In 1Q 2014 Social Logins - infographic
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