Your Guide to Benefiting from Social Media - infographic

Your Guide to Benefiting from Social Media - infographic
What is social media? Why you should use it in your marketing mix? How will it benefit your company?
Well, "social media marketing is creating and maintaining customer relationships using the internet technology. Customer relationships have always been built on great customer service, listening and responding to concerns, and making them feel important. New customer relationships come from having current customers refer or sell your brand to their connections. All of these functions of marketing can be done successfully and easily through social media. It is an ideal tool for listening and responding to current customers as well as for reaching out to new ones."
The following infographic created by zionsbankblog takes a closer look at how to get your small or large company started on social media (like Facebook, Twitter, blogging etc.) and how to understand this continually evolving landscape.

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How to Get Your Business Started on Social Media marketing (Infographic)

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