How to Use GooglePlus for Marketing - infographic

How to Use GooglePlus for Marketing and become a Google+ wizard - infographic
We've all heard the sentiments that GooglePlus is a ghost town and that the social platform's audience is artificially inflated by Google, but a new Forrester study reveals marketers and brands are crazy to ignore it.
Forrester team's research, shows that every 11 in 50 adults use Google+ on a monthly basis, and that Google+ posts generate nearly as much interaction per user as their Facebook posts.
In short, if you are not using Google+ in your marketing mix, it's time to leverage.
In case you are not sure how to use G+ effectively for your business, the following infographic from Gryffin Media will help you in becoming a Plus wizard.
Two key takeaways from visual:
Plus might seem like an underdog now, but it's ready for the taking and full of industry influencers.
Google is using Plus to incorporate social signals into their search results ranking algorithm. This means your profile, posts, re-shares will all be incorporated into future rankings.

In this infographic you'll learn: How Google Plus impacts Search, Why you need to be on Google+, How to use Circles and surf the Google Plus stream and How to get started on GooglePlus for businesses

How to Become a Google Plus Wizard

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