How YouTube Users Can Be Active Advocates For Your Brand - infographic

How YouTube Audience Can Be Active Advocates For Your Brand - infographic
YouTube audience can be active advocates for your brand, they are highly engaged and share what they love, connect with their passions and they will reward your brand, according to a recent study from Google.

The research - which was carried out to help companies understand more about the world's largest video search engine's audience and their content need - showed that nearly 60 percent of UK YouTube users tend to tell everyone about a brand they love, compared to 33 percent of non-YouTube-users.

When it comes to top channels watched on YouTube the study shows that they don't just watch cute cat videos, the truth is - music, comedy and DIY are the most popular categories among YouTubers.

This infographic takes a closer look at how brands can engage with a highly passionate and influential community of users on YouTube.
#Infographic: 10 myths about #YouTube users

10 myths about YouTube users

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