Solving the Local Search Puzzle - infographic

Solving the Local Search Puzzle - infographic
According to a study, 97 percent people use online media (like search engine and social search) when researching local products.
So, are you positioned to leverage them, as a local business?
The folks at kenshoo have created an infograph that proposes 4 tips to reach local consumers when they're in discovery mode and actively hunting for locally-focused information.

Infographic highlights
Local marketing is all about adapting messaging and targeting to reach a local audience and best influence those consumers to take action at a local level.
Search engines are the most important resources that consumers use to navigate the web, every 5 in 10 mobile quires have local intent so it's vital to leverage this channel by directing your potential customers to local organizations via organic and paid search listing.
After searching local information on their smartphone, 5 in 10 of American mobile users look up the business on a map, therefore, making a local listing for each store is also important.
Stimulating Interaction and New Business through Local Search  - infographic

Top image by: deviantart
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