How Video Content Influences Our Decisions - infographic

How Video Marketing Influences Our Decisions - infographic
Did you know that we have watched 52.4 Billion videos in the last month of 2013 alone, and that YouTube visitors watch an average of 6 billion hours of videos a month (i.e roughly 60 minutes of video for every person on the globe).
What if I told you that our brain processes visual data 600K times faster than text, and that, Fusiform face area is a part of our brain that cues us to look at people's faces to determine their credibility and gather information, this is why we're so intrigued by the motion visuals featuring people.
This isn't just ends here, 7 out of every 10 business-to-business marketers use videos in their marketing efforts (not to mention all cool kids are already doing it), while people were 144 percent more likely to purchase after seeing a product's explainer video than those who did not.
Now you know your target customers find video content irresistible, and as if that's not fact enough to jump on the video marketing bus, then check out this infographic created by the folks at vidyard which takes you through the current state of video landscape.

How Video Marketing Influences Our Decisions - infographic
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