The Timeline Of Google

Getting to Know Google - infographic

Google is an American Multinational Corporation, founded in California in 1998 by Larry Page and Sergey Brin. Page and Brin were both attending Stanford University at the time they founded the company in a local garage. The company has a multitude of internet related products and is one of the most successful companies worldwide with over 30,000 employees.

A high ranking on Google (which is determined by their elusive algorithm) can literally be worth millions to a company. Google says that their algorithms rely on more than 200 unique signals that make it possible to guess what a user might be looking for. These signals include things like the terms on websites, the freshness of content, region and PageRank.

Google is ubiquitous in our daily lives and while it does have rivals, none will have the influence or market share that they have. Google is now even a term in the Oxford English Dictionary such is the regularity with which we rely on the search engine through our work, rest and play.

This visual from DPFOC explores that chequered history of Google, which is littered with innovations and acquisitions making it also one of the most powerful and influential worldwide corporations. It also looks at ‘getting to know’ other aspects of the company such as the name, the people and some interesting facts. An insight is also given of possible future developments in the company.
Getting to Know Google - infographic

Top image: mashable
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