The Rise Of WhatsApp - infographic

Journey of Whatsapp! - infographic
People who less familiar with new social giant WhatsApp and its amazing features will marvel at how a new kid on the block could be worth billion dollars. So for those folks, here are 4 statistics that tell the story of WhatsApp - 450, 32, 1 and 0.
WhatsApp has over 450 Million active users and the text-app gained that massive user-base faster than any other social outlet in the history.
WhatsApp handled by only 32 engineers.
WhatsApps offer 1 year of free use, the service costs annually $1 - with no SMS charges.
Whatsapps is one of the fortunate companies, who has accomplished all the achievements without investing a penny in marketing.
Take a look at this infographic called Journey of Whatsapp by woodpeck3r for more stats.

The Rise Of WhatsApp - infographic
photo credit: businessinsider
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