A Million Social Media Fans, Still Not Enough Buyers!

A Million Social Media Fans, Still Not Enough Buyers!
With the online and offline marketplace so populated by exceptional marketing strategies, it all boils down to the conversion rate at the end of the day. Having page fans in millions isn’t going to take you far enough if they are only there because you share some awesomely interesting pictures and updates. While you manage to intrigue them to your page, are you intriguing them to your brand? Probably not.
It has been a pain point of several brand managers out there who complain that while the Facebook page fans keep on growing at an unbridled rate, they hardly see their sales take a leap. Turning fans into buyers is a concept they haven’t been able to master yet, and this is where their business takes a hit. Let’s scroll through some dos and don’ts of social media and how you can improve your conversion rates.

Don’t Just Play to the Gallery

It’s great if your daily posts are getting Likes and Shares in spades. But before you post only fancy, funny stuff to garner those likes, ask yourself if at least 1 out of 4 of such posts relate to your brand inn any sort of way. If a real estate company’s Facebook page is doling out gossip on the likes of Lindsay Lohan, or indulging on some serious issues like environment, it isn’t bringing your product into the picture from any possible angle. Sure, it is more likely to grab attention, but does it work for those who have joined your page for some updates on your company or the real estate as a whole?

Make Your Fans Feel They are Welcome

The biggest incentive of having a social media page is that you can talk directly to your customers. The one-way communication channel is done away with and it’s up to you how well you leverage this advantage. When you are posting product-relevant updates, the customers are likely to comment with their questions and most likely their complaints as well. It would serve you great if you pay heed to those comments and answer them to your best capacity. Branching out to help the customers who are in distress is also recommended, though that partially depends on the validity and authenticity of their concern. Informing the users of the latest updates happening with the suite of your products will make them keener to your brand voice and help you in the long run.

Don’t Assail Your Fans with Promotions

There has to be a touch of restraint to everything you do, whether you post populist stuff or brand-specific updates. If each post of yours is centered on promoting your brand, the fans won’t waste a lot of time before hitting the ‘Unlike’ or ‘Unfollow’ button. Bbarding your audience with discounts and offers creates a spammy mood on the page and invites those with fake profiles designed for participating in contests and offers. On social media, one thing to keep In mind is that you don’t put your needs ahead of your audience’s, and at the same time, give yourself enough scope to make sure your page has the right brand recall value.

“Content is King” so they say

There is a thing with clichés. They are never wrong. The tried-and-true methods of raking in moolah may seem a tad too outdated, but who’s complaining if you are indeed raking in moolah. The good quality content will anyways never fail to make an impact. When it comes to social media, content has a different role to play. It is not your average blog where you write 500 words filled with jargons and ambitious vocabulary. On social media, the content has to crisp and comprehensible to the average user. The cleverness of the words shouldn’t be compromised upon in order to capture the attention, and at the same time, it doesn’t have to scream to be taken notice of.
“Hell, there are no rules here - we're trying to accomplish something.” said Thomas A. Edison. It’s time you take a cue.

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