Introduction To Google+ Authorship

Introduction To GooglePlus #Authorship - Everything You Need To Know About #GoogleAuthorship

If you are an online blogger looking for a more effective way to promote your site, Google Authorship may hold the answer. If you possess a GooglePlus profile, you can gain access to Google Authorship. Listed below are the fundamental principles of Google Authorship, and the ways in which it can significantly improve the reputation and credibility of your online content.

What is Google Authorship?

Google Authorship is a system which enables Google users to establish a verified connection between their Google+ profile and any original online content they may have, such as blog posts. This provides an extremely beneficial opportunity for bloggers because they can efficiently publicize their work to a large network of potential followers. This can subsequently increase their online blogging reputation and exponentially increase the amount of traffic to their site.

How Google Authorship works

Google Authorship grants users the ability to assign an author profile photo and biographical information to accompany each piece of their online content. As well as an author biography, users can attach additional information such as the number of Google+ circles with which they participate and links to more search results for the author's related content.

These applications permit users to establish and promote a creditable online authorship in order to raise the popularity of their blogs and generate more online traffic towards their site. A blog to promote a site does not have to be hosted on the same site it’s promoting, for example law firm Gullands blog about events in their local area on their Gullands Community blog, appealing to local residents, their potential clients. This increased popularity will in turn improve their blog's ranking on search engines such as Google, and establish a reputable communication network between bloggers and their followers.

Google Author Rank

As part of Google Authorship, users also have access to Google Author Rank. Google Author Rank is a system wherein Google generates a score for each online author with respect to each topic about which they publish content. These scores affect search rankings for content for each of the author's chosen topics. As a result, Google Author Rank permits Google+ profile users to be verified as content producers, which significantly impacts how highly their online content ranks within Google searches.

Bloggers can capitalize upon this system in order to promote their blog posts. You can tailor your posts so that you increase your Author Rank in certain topics. If you are using your blog to promote a business, you can write about topics which are associated with the products or services you provide. For example cleaning companies such as EP Cleaners write blog posts about alternative cleaning methods, which helps them effectively market their cleaning services. If you have a higher Author Rank for relevant topics connected to your line of business, you can establish your professional credibility and gain the trust of potential clients or business partners. Therefore Google Author Rank provides a lucrative opportunity through which to publicize your blog and boost your online authorial status.

As a result of these possibilities, Google Authorship and its associated Author Rank can be vital in securing online success for your blog or professional business. Speaking about these benefits, Google Chairman Eric Schmidt stated;

“Within search results, information tied to verified online profiles will be ranked higher than content without such verification, which will result in most users naturally clicking on the top (verified) results. The true cost of remaining anonymous, then, might be irrelevance.”

How to improve your authorship rank

This infographic designed by verticalmeasures team outlines some factors that will help you improve your author rank. It all starts with creating quality content and ends with increased traffic to your blog.

How to improve your authorship rank - infographic

Fundamentally, Google Authorship provides a platform upon which trustworthy and quality content can be discovered and publicized to a vast networking community. If you are a content writer, Google Authorship can consolidate your status as one of these quality content producers. If your content is regarded as reputable, it is much more likely to be viewed and shared by a large online audience.

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