Why Businesses Should Spice Up Their Blog with a ‘Vlog’

Why Businesses Should Spice Up Their Blog with a ‘Vlog’
A few years ago, a business with a blog, meant that they were way ahead of the competition. However as technology has evolved, a written blog simply isn’t enough anymore and consumers are now looking for an engaging online experience. A big part of creating that experience is through video.
Video has become more and more influential on peoples lifestyles - YouTube has over 1 billion unique monthly visitors, and an average internet user watches 186 videos every month. These statistics alone prove that written blogs are in need of a spice up and businesses should turn to ‘vlogging’ (video blogging) to make sure they don’t fall behind the competition and miss out on a marketing opportunity that could be a substantial generator of sales. And if you’re not convinced, here are a few more reasons why vlogging is the next best thing…

It works

There are statistics to prove that video blogging really works for businesses. According to EMARKETER video promotion is six times more effective than print and direct mail. In addition, 60% of visitors will watch video content before reading text that is on the same page and they are much more likely to share video content, therefore increasing exposure for a business and as a result building a positive brand identity. Furthermore, vlogging has proved to be so successful that some young entrepreneurs have made it into a career. The BBC did a feature piece on some vloggers that started off as doing it for a hobby, only to discover that they are so popular with the general public, generating a huge network of fans that they now get paid to vlog by various companies to promote their products.


The main contributing factor as to why vlogs are so popular and successful, is because they are so relatable to their audience. A video allows a personality to come across in a way that words alone wouldn’t be able to convey. A video blog is a great way for businesses to create and communicate a brand personality that is really relatable and appealing to their customers. It’s a chance to really target the interests of existing or potential customers and build an online relationship with them, which will ultimately improve a business’s brand image as well as brand awareness.


It’s no secret that multi-channelling has become the blueprint to success in today’s very competitive environment. It’s simple, the more platforms that a brand is leveraged on, the more well recognised it will be and have a stronger brand identity. And with YouTube being the second largest search engine in the world, it is apparent that any business that does not have a presence on YouTube is missing out on a huge business opportunity. More often than not, if a YouTube video appears in search engine search results, people will be more likely to click on the video rather than other text based results as a video creates a more stimulating and engaging online experience. Furthermore, having a video platform will increase the chances of improving a brands presence on other social media platforms as people are more likely to share a video.

Don’t be put off

Many businesses may be put off the idea of a vlog because video production is not something that they are already familiar with and takes them out of their comfort zone. However, even if this is the case, there are lots of different video production companies out there that can offer their advice for whatever type of business you may be. For example, Lambda Films who offer video production in Cambridge, offer friendly advice to ensure that businesses create the most effective video marketing campaign that targets the correct audience.

Article submitted by: Laura Harrison.


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