5 Reasons Google+ Will Boom In 2014

Top 5 Reasons Google+ Will Boom In 2014

Google Plus has been established for two years now and its global success is evident; there are currently over 1 billion Google+ enabled accounts. Moreover, recent figures show that Google+ is growing at 33% per annum; no doubt this figure is aided by the 359 million monthly users, a statistic which eclipses Twitter's 241 million users. These figures suggest that Google+ is consistently innovating and improving, widening its customer base and consolidating its presence as an online forced to be reckoned with. Here are five reasons why Google+ looks set to continue booming throughout 2014.

Accessible profile setup and optimization

Google+ provides an easy and accessible process through which you can create and optimize your profile, especially if you are familiar with other Google services such as Gmail or YouTube. You can start with a personal Google+ profile and then progress to initializing a Google+ business page. This equips you with accessible formats for both personal and professional networking.

Google+ Integrates With Other Google Services

One of the most popular facets of Google+ is that it is already integrated with all of Google's services; including Gmail, Google Drive and YouTube amongst many others. G+ innovatively provides both consumers and businesses with a singular format for all of their operations.

Integration of social media content

One area in which Google+ are pursuing further development is their continued integration of social media content into their search ranking algorithm. As this technology improves, more businesses will inevitably become active on Google+ because it will be significantly cheaper to promote yourself via Google+ as opposed to employing an SEO consultant. As matters stand, Google+ is highly effective at promoting business visibility on search engine results; allowing companies to set up their business pages on a social networking platform which is supported by the largest and most credible search engine. This provides businesses with a golden opportunity to increase their online presence and popularity, informing a vast audience of potential clients and investors about their company's services and products.

Google circles and communities

Google+ is increasingly popular with bloggers and writers due to the propensity of target audience communities. GPlus circles allow bloggers to communicate with their target audiences in order to glean inspiration for new blog posts. These lucrative communities are also beneficial for businesses who can promote their products to prospective customers, as well as improving the efficiency of their business. By having access to a direct communication channel with consumers, businesses can stay ahead of their competitors; pre-emptively introducing products and services which are tailored to suit the needs of their target market. For example, motoring companies such as Mazda and Jaguar can communicate with their customers and discover what changes their customers would like to see in new car models.

Moreover, as more people discover Google+, businesses will have yet more exclusive access to their target audiences. For example, since 2012, the 45 to 54 year old age bracket has increased its usage on Google+ by 56%. As Google+ develops, so will its population, thereby increasing the lucrative personal and professional possibilities which the site provides its members.

Google Local

A unique aspect of G+ which will see the site boom in future is Google Local. If you are a local business that is dependent upon generating traffic to your Google Places then this aspect this is extremely important. Google Places is now transitioning to amalgamate with Google+ Local. When someone selects your Google Places listing on Google it will now transport them to Google+ Local. This amalgamation of previous formats provides an improved platform upon which your business can be promoted. Users can more easily view helpful comments, reviews and scores concerning your business as well as accessible directions to locate your business premises. Moreover, customers will be able to recommend your business to others more readily- via an improved five star review system and additional commenting options. However, bear in mind that if you have not yet merged your Google+ page and your Google Places, they will appear as two separate listings.

image credit: Beck Diefenbach/Reuters
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