Where Do Social Media Audiences Spend Their Time [INFOGRAPHIC]

Where Do Social Media Audiences Spend Their Time [INFOGRAPHIC]
It's hard to believe that twenty thirteen is over, we saw many ups and downs in social networking world, many new apps like Vine (with 40 million users) and Instagram (with 150 million users) have been flourishing while Facebook (with 1.4 Billion profiles) is facing a little decline in younger demographic users. Twitter (500M+ accounts) and GooglePlus (333M users) are steadily swelling but still social media seems a new giant to many of us. And when it comes to knowing your audience on social media it seems that business are still wondering which network should they focus on? So to help them out the Adobe team have created this handy infographic that takes a closer look at the data to determine where the social savvys spend their most time.

Which Social Networks Should You Care About in 2014 - infographic
Which Social Networks Should You Care About in 2014 - infographic

Key stats
The world's top 21 social networks have 5.7 Billion users profiles combined while the global population in 2013 is 7.2 billion.
More than 34 percent of the world's population have internet access.
Mark Zuckerberg predicts that social sharing will double every 18 months.
There were an average of 89 billion likes, comments and share each month in 2013.
With 1 billion users worldwide YouTube is now localized in 56 countries and 61 different languages.
With 623+ million users Qzone is the world's third largest social network (after Facebook and YouTube) and Sina Weibo is on number 4 with 503 million users.

So what's next - It's easy to forget that China has 3 of the world's largest social networks, and India is on track to have more Facebook users than any other country by 2017.

Conclusion - What is important for you, is to know which networks your fans and customers care about – not just which social networks you think are important. Jeremy Waite - Head of Social Strategy Adobe.

image credit: flickr, infographic by Jeremy Waite


  1. It's a very helpful infographic about social media. Thanks for sharing

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