If You’re Going to Market to Mobile Users, Do It Right - infographic

If You’re Going to Market to Mobile Users, Do It Right - infographic
The mobile web is booming, booming, booming. Don’t believe it? Here are just a few of the more impressive stats: 56 percent of people own a smartphone. And 50 percent of all cell phone users say it’s their primary way to access the internet. 10 percent of all web traffic was mobile-based in 2012. And 2013 saw that number double to over 20 percent. Almost 26 percent of emails are opened on smartphones. And another 10 percent are opened on tablets.What this means is that the world is becoming increasingly mobile and it’s doing it fast. If you want to reach someone, you’d better have a plan in place to do so via their mobile device of choice – or, frequently, devices of choice.

Understandably, businesses are chomping at the bit to get these people – these consumers – to pay attention to their brand and convert into paying customers. This is what every business has wanted since the beginning of time because it’s how you make money, but sadly there are growing pains.
Because of the amazing potential that mobile devices have in luring people in to local businesses, many owners of smaller companies are trying to branch out into web-based marketing for the first time. And even some companies that know what they’re doing online still have trouble with attracting mobile customers because the medium is so new and there are so many different specs to know and rules to follow.
Unfortunately, too many companies rush in without developing a mobile strategy ahead of time. Having no mobile presence is bad, but having one that only serves to frustrate people is far, far worse. People may not use your services if you don’t have an app or a mobile friendly site, but offer a subpar mobile experience and they will remember it and hold it against you. That’s why we decided to run this spot-on infographic from Reachmail on the various mistakes companies make when creating a mobile email campaign. Before you potentially anger your mobile customer base, it’s definitely worth taking a look.
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