Tips For Building A Bright And Successful Blogging Brand [INFOGRAPHIC]

Blogging is one of the easiest way to express your writing mojo and make yourself known in the vast landscape of internet. Fortunately with the advancement in technology starting your personal blog has never been easier - but with all the social media, content management systems and techie lingo out there, it can be a challenging task to master the blogosphere, especially if you are about to start your blogging journey. So here is a handy infographic that illustrates how to start a blog and some tips for building a bright and successful blogging brand.

Tips for building a bright and successful blogging brand - infographic by brightbazaarblog.
Tips for building a bright and successful blogging brand - infographic

Relish in getting to know your audience - Take time to understand the content your readers find useful and inspiration by not only following them on social networks, but responding to their comments and engaging in conversations, too.

Believe in your voice
- Embrace your aesthetic, inspirations and viewpoints and have the confidence to share them.

Be a creator - Posting original content that you are truly passionate about will create a richer, more distinctive experience for the reader.

Have a memorable and inspiring design - Create a look that reflects your aesthetic and tone, while also complementing your content. Be sure to carry this look across all brands platforms - social media, print collateral, business cards, etc.

Invent a posting schedule that works for you - There's no right or wrong on how often you should post, just pick times and days to post that you can realistically meet, and then stick to them - quality is always paramount to quantity.

Transport the reader into your world - Humanize your brand by writing personalized content in a consistent tone; this will help readers feel that they are getting to know you as the author.

Give a reason to return
- Before you press Publish, ask yourself: Does this post give the reader something they don't already have? If not, don't rush to hit Delete, instead take time to think how you can add value to the post.

Allow yourself to banish the Blues - Accept that not everyone will read or like your content, and don't let negativity take away from your focus on why you started your blog - staying true to this will be a comfort on those harder days.

Zero in on your niche - To create a blog that really cuts through the "noise" it needs to be giving the readers something targeted and notable. What do you love in life and how can you blog about it in a unique way?

Accentuate your posts with eye-catching visuals - Create each post as though you're writing a story: using easy to read and navigate visuals that enhance both your words and images will help the reader digest the post.

Appreciate the power of partnerships - If everyone were good at everything the world would be dull; recognize your strengths and weaknesses and think how you can work with other to complement one another's brands.

Remember that clarity and consistency is key - The three things that should be at heart of everything you do with your blog and brand are transparency, consistency and accessibility.

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