Facebook Best Practices And Recommendation For Brands [INFOGRAPHIC]

Facebook Best Practices And Recommendation For Brands [INFOGRAPHIC]
Why should your business or brand use Facebook? What are the key performance indicators on the platform?
Having a robust and meaningful presence on the channel is not only helpful in defining brand personality, but can have a proven and substantial impact on search engine ranking. Learn answers to the most frequently-asked Facebook questions, from basic to advanced in this infographic from milestoneinternet, and kick off your 2014 online marketing efforts but aligning your SEO and social marketing efforts.

Facebook Best Practices And Recommendation For Brands [INFOGRAPHIC]

Facebook Best Practices for Business 

How many times should I post?
There is a fine balance between being informative and interesting, and spamming your Facebook audience. Studies show brands that post 1 - 3 times per day receive the highest engagement.

How about imagery?
Be visual and incorporate rich media! People are increasingly aesthetically driven and a stricking image is much more likely to capture engagement.

Do I Have to use #hashtags?
Use of hashtags and regular tags are a great way to get your messages into larger relevant conversations. Limit hashtags use to 1 to 3 per post.

How do I increase engagement on my posts?
Asking questions can increase fan interaction and interest.

Define your voice!
Show your brand's individual personality and have fun with posts.

Should I delete the negative comments?
Only delete if widely inaccurate or vulgar. Reply to legitimate complaints with a direct email address to get the conversation offline as quickly as possible.

Images courtesy of Flickr, Phreak20
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