A Web Marketing Infographic to Guide You to Success

A Web-Marketing Infographic to Guide You to Success
Over the last few years, we digital marketers have cultivated our online presence using strict and structured tools: websites, e-newsletters, blog and social networking sites. We've announced our new products launches, deals and coupons, promotions and upcoming events by making updates now and then to our little islands of communication. For a while, this method of growing our customer base did very well. however, over the last year or so, a drastic tectonic shift is shaking up our carefully landscaped world.
But all is not lost! What may seem like a threat to some is a thrilling opportunity for those ready for an adventure. Multichannel content, new platforms of communication and the rise of the "mobile age" provide the savvy marketers with a new set of tools that work in concert with one another. In the right hands, these integrated tools can build something completely new!
To help you wrap up your head around evolving digital arena, the team at Aristotle has designed this excellent infographic with some facts and statistics marketers need to know to take the right steps toward their digital marketing success.

The New Landscape Infographic -  A Web-Marketing Infographic to Guide You to Success

Infographic key takeaways

As more data than ever is collected every single day, so in order to stay focused as the online world around us changes rapidly, we must take a step back and selectively analyze the metrics that matter.

67% of consumers start shopping on one device and continue to another. Delivering content optimized for every device provides your customers with the best quality service and the easiest experience.

More than 46 percent of people say a website's design is the number one criterion for discerning the credibility of the company. Websites are the brick-and-mortar stores of the 21st century, and we all know the importance of a first impression.

4 out of 5 consumers are more inclined to buy from a brand after engaging with the brand's social network channels.

57% of companies who blog monthly have acquired a customer via their blog while 82% of companies who blog daily have acquired a customer! Blogs give your business a voice and perspective - a powerful tool in the right hands.

500-600: The number f changes Google makes to its search algorithm a year. From minor changes to major shifts, your SEO team must adapt quickly to keep your content ranking at the top!
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