What's Your Digital Marketing Zodiac? [INFOGRAPHIC]

Digital marketing Horoscope 2014 Infographic
Do you know that what is the connection between astronomy and digital marketing? Well, JBH Creative Marketing team knows it very well. They have put together an amazing infographic called "Digital Horoscope 2014" that predicts the most relevant content, social and digital marketing trends for 2014 according to the signs of  zodiac. So find out what does your sign suggest for you?

What's Your Digital Marketing Zodiac? [INFOGRAPHIC]

Infographic Transcript
Aries - Use your creative flair and spontaneity to reach and engage younger audiences with Vine, Snapchat and Instagram short-form videos. It's cheap and simple!

Taurus - You're stubborn and lazy and only read tweets with a pic attached. You're not alone, so ensure content is image-centric to increase engagement and shares!

Gemini - Be flexible and adaptable in 2014. Inspire colleagues to adapt the social media strategy to include Vine, Snapchat and Goolge+ and reach new audiences.

Cancer - You're fascinated by how people think and behave. In 2014 there will be return to neuro science and behavior analysis to create unique customer experiences.

Leo - You're analytical and tech savvy, so ensure all your content is mobile friendly to reach all your customers. Prioritize content and adapt your functionality to fit.

Virgo - Measuring the impact of your content on sales is key in 2014. Persuade colleagues of the importance of content ROI and start analyzing performance.

Libra - As a caring person, you want your marketing to make people feel good. In 2014 brands will differentiate by focusing on well-being and acts of kindness.

Scorpio - As a calm, confident individual, you are perfectly placed to oversee the security of your digital networks, ensuring customer data remains a well kept secret.

Sagittarius - Use your collaborative skills to interact with and involve customers in the creation of marketing content. Share their ideas, stories and experiences.

Capricorn - You're social, practical and organized and will have the skill-set to create branded content that connects and engages people across multiple platforms.

Aquarius - As a caring, sharing, sympathetic person you'll be pleased to hear that storytelling in 2014 will be about creating emotional bonds with audiences.

Pisces - Get recognized for your knowledgeable and passionate content as an individual or brand. Just link your web content with your Google+ page to show up in search.
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