How Committing Social Media Sins Can Affect Your Business - infographic

The Seven Deadly Sins of Social Media (INFOGRAPHIC)
Are you leveraging social media effectively to market your business? Do you think that it is all about having a good Klout score and lots of followers. Well, in real social media is the game of consistent networking with content engagement. And if you really want to get the most from social media marketing it's very important that you don't commit to any of the following deadly sins; compiled by reallyb2b.

The 7 Deadly Sins Of Social Media [INFOGRAPHIC]

Infographic Transcript.

27 Million pieces of content are shared daily. So don't overindulge in sharing content via social media, it's possible to scare prospects off.

96% of B2B marketers measure number of fans and followers. Don't go chasing followers, your goal should be providing your prospects, leads and customers exactly what they want.

Don't keep valuable information to yourself. If you've got some good content, share it. Remember the posting rule of thumb: Share 80 percent helpful content posted by other and 20 percent original,  self-promotional or business updates.

41 percent of B2B marketers use social media weekly for less than 6 hours. If you're going to have a social media presence, use it. Don't get lazy and stop posting content.

Don't rest on your laurels. You are only as good as your last follower and lead conversion. 87 percent of B2B companies view social media as a highly successful element of their marketing mix.

43% of organizations have lost a customer due to a negative experience on social media. Never lose your head with a customer on social media because the whole world can see.

Don't covert great corporate social media pages. You can have one too if you're committed to it. 70 percent of business people don't think B2B brands know how to communicate with them on social media.


  1. You have good explains in your post. Content marketing is one of the best way to expose our business and social media is the best network to promote content.

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