7 Next Big Things In Social Media - infographic

7 Next Big Things In Social Media - infographic - Social Media Predictions 2014Social media is an ever changing landscape. Each year there are new success stories, old network that bite the dust and tons of platforms forecast to be the "next big thing". As technology and our interests evolve, so does social media. Here's an infographic from MagicLogix, presenting the 7 social media perdition for 2014. Some key takeaways are: More employes will be active one social media for their company. Expect to see a spike in Native social media ads. More articles and discussion will take place regarding Google Glass as the Future of technology, but we're still years off from it being viable and relevant. Expect a rise in using brand advocates to appeal to a user base. Companies will face more pressure to pay to sponsor ads.

7 Next Big Things In Social Media - infographic - Social Media Predictions 2014

2 Important highlights from above visual:

Video oriented media will continue to grow - 1 in 3 millennials watch mostly online videos and virtually no broadcast TV. Couple that with YouTube as the second largest search engine, the ease of the video sharing and more social networking adopting this medium and it's a no-brainer. Expect to see video oriented media become even more relevant this year.

Apps like Vine are poised to break out - Vine grew in popularity in 2013 one users adapted to their 6 second time limit for video. Some may say Vines influence on video is directly responsible for other networks such as Instagram adopting this medium as well/ Expect to see more Vine users in 2014 in addition to companies using Veneers as evangelists for their product. We've already seen Virgin Mobile, Lowes, Trident and other brands start to utilize this power. more companies will jump on the bandwagon as their network grows.
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