Marketing To Cross-Platform Audiences [INFOGRAPHIC]

Marketing To Cross-Platform Audiences [INFOGRAPHIC]
Did you know that mobile media usage (tablets and smartphones) now accounts for half of the time audiences spend on digital media, television viewing is the top multi-screen activity, 6 out of 10 Americans use more than one device while watching TV, 90 percent of media interactions in the US are screen-based in which 81 percent have access to a PC, 35 percent own a tablet device, 56 percent are smartphone owners and 97 percent of homes in the US own a TV. And when it comes to digital interactions, adults (18 - 34) prefer smartphones over tablets while tablets are the device of choice with adults 35 - 44, they're also more likely to share them with children.
Smart devices have quickly become technological staple for the modern consumers. In fact, the average household contains multiple devices. But what is often overlooked is how individuals multitask with these devices throughout their everyday media and social interactions.
Want to know more how are audiences changing their content consumption habits? What are the most popular activities on mobile devices vs. desktops? How do brands engage users across different platforms? Get the answers in below infographic by uberflip that shows 15 mobile statistics and figures that will convince change your digital marketing strategy!
15 Mobile Stats That Will Change Your Digital Marketing Strategy - infographic

Image Credit: Marcio Eugenio / Shutterstock
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