12 Best Facebook Advices Of 2013 - infographic

12 Best Facebook Advice Of 2013 - infographic
The team at ShortStack has created a handy infographic for social media managers title: The Best Facebook Advice of 2013.
Here are some key takeaways from the visual : when doing research that will support your pitch, focus on three areas: market research, case studies and Facebook's future projections. One of the easiest ways to encourage your Facebook followers to become email subscribers is to have an opt-in form that lives on your Facebook page.  Facebook posts that consist of less than 3 lines of text get 60 percent more interaction than longer posts. For best results, use a give-to-get approach. For instance, if you ask your fans to share their Twitter, Pinterest or Instagram handles with you, follow them back. You cover photo is prime real estate for your page. Change the cover once a month because the change will appear in the News feed. Check out more tip in this graphic.

12 Best Facebook Advice Of 2013 - infographic

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