Why Videos Drive Sales - 2014: Year of The Video [2 INFOGRAPHIC]

Why Videos Drive Sales - 2014: Year of The Video [2 INFOGRAPHIC]
It's no secret that video content is the most essential part of internet marketing in today's online world. With 4 billion+ video views everyday and 3 billion hours of video are being viewed each month on YouTube. YouTube has become a perfect opportunity for brands to target their audience. Here we take a look at two infographics first - 2014: Year of The Video and then - Why Videos Drive Sales.

2014: Year of The Video [INFOGRAPHIC]

2014: Year of the video

Why Videos Drive Sales [INFOGRAPHIC]
Business Video Marketing Infographic

While businesses and internet marketers continue to wait on investing in video marketing, their potential customers aren’t. The good news for marketers is that it is not too late, all they need is to overcome their misconceptions that "video is not so effective marketing arsenal", however, in real marketing it properly, video marketing can give your business a competitive advantage.

Getting the most out of video marketing should not be a stand alone tactic for your brand, but one that should be integrated into your overall digital marketing strategies.

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