The Walking Dead Survival Guide for Digital Marketers [Infographic]

The Walking Dead Survival Guide for Digital Marketers [Infographic]
Throughout its run, AMC's The Walking Dead has delivered some pretty important life lessons to remember: Some friends can't be trusted - especially friends named Shane. Never be the slowest runner in your group. And of course, don't stand next to a deer during hunting season. The lessons of the Walking Dead's post-apocalyptic zombie world don't end there. In fact, modern day marketers might learn a survival-of-the fittest approach to their own strategies.
This new infographic by marketo team, The Walking Dead Survival Guide for Marketers, should tide you over until the show returns. Read on to find out what marketing has in common with dodging zombies — it might be more than you’d think!
The Walking Dead Survival Guide for Digital Marketers [Infographic]
infographic highlights

Having a plan keeps you alive
Without a strategy for you marketing initiatives, big or small, it will be difficult to success.

Don't make too much noise
Track and listen to what's attracting or repelling your customers. You should be continually tracking and reporting on engagement metrics and overall satisfaction. Find out what works for your customers and develop a strategy around that.

Timing is everything
It's a simple concept, but timing is extremely important for emails, social media posts, and calls to action. Tracking valuable metrics as they pertain to time is imperative to ensure you're reaching the maximum target audience.

Don't be afraid to take chances
In marketing, risk is sometimes necessary. You can't be afraid to try new things in order to differentiate yourself from the competition.

You need a team, each person with a specific job
As a marketer, identify your coworkers' strengths; it'll ensure that everyone is engaged and solves problems in different ways.

Know your surroundings
In marketing, not knowing the landscape is just as dangerous as not knowing your customers. Do your research and thoroughly understand the market you're about to enter - it can prevent severe tragedy.

To survive in this highly competitive, ever-changing landscape, you must learn to adapt. Do the same thing repeatedly, and your marketing initiatives will end up dead and forgotten. Instead, take heed of your surroundings, find out what works best, and keep thinking of new ways to improve, and you're sure to stay alive and well.
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