5 #SocialMedia Makeover Tips for Business - #infographic

5 Social Media Makeover Tips for Business - #infographic

"Social media is not rocket science. That’s good news because it means that with some minor adjustments to your Facebook page, Twitter account and weekly calendar you can stand out from your competition, get more leads and engage with more customers." And this infographic from Grosocial will show you how.
5 #SocialMedia Makeover Tips for Business - #infographic

Key takeaways

So you want to get more traffic, more visibility and save marketing dollars! Just Renovate.

  • Your avatar should look professional while also representing you or your brand.
  • Each one of your social media pages should have either the same or very similar background/banner images.
  • Not only should your profiles look the same, but they should also feature the same content. If you make a post on Facebook or video on YouTube, be sure to share a link across all your social media pages.
  • The internet is an ever-changing landscape. Always be ahead of the curve by studying, following and copying online trends. e.g visuals and images are trending on social media.
  • Many businesses suffer from lack of social engagement. If you are going to create a profile on a social network, you've got to network.
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