Facebook Privacy And User Habits [INFOGRAPHIC]

Facebook Privacy And User Habits [INFOGRAPHIC]
Do you really care about your Facebook privacy? Do you know who is seeing your personal information on Facebook? Exposing too much for your personal information can leave you vulnerable to unwanted attention, and even possibly lead to identify theft. While Facebook allows users to control their privacy settings, how often do people actually use them? The team at NextAdvisor decided to find out. They surveyed 853 Facebook users ages 18 and older about how they use their Facebook privacy settings, and here is what they found.
Facebook Privacy And User Habits [INFOGRAPHIC]

Facebook Privacy: How Exposed Are You?

Things to remember for your Facebook privacy
  • Regularly checking your privacy settings is important because Facebook makes changes to the privacy section a few times per year.
  • As a safety issue be aware of whether Facebook is posting your location or not, and toggle this settings every time you post.
  • Your passwords should contain some variation of at least six letters, one number and one special character.
  • Stay aware of what is being published on your Timeline without your knowledge. There's a privacy feature that allows you to review tags before they are published.
  • When you allow 3rd party applications to access your Facebook, you're allowing them access to your personal details, Timeline or even you list of friends.
image courtesy: todograma
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