How To Become Adept With The Social Media Environment [INFOGRAPHIC]

How To Become Adept With The Social Media Environment [INFOGRAPHIC], Navigating Social Media: A Field Guide
Do you want to explore the social media jungle? It's a wild social media world out there. Make sure you always have your social media filed guide handy when deciding which digital tools to use and how to use them effectively for your business. Get your field guide by navigating to bleow visual. This cool infographic from the team of  9Clouds called the "Navigating Social Media: A Field Guide" takes a closer look at the latest statistics; the time commitment for each platform; which network is best to target B2C or B2B market; and audiences demographic. Now even if you only have a few minutes, this visual will give you a good overview of the networks and whether they are right for you/worth your time.

How To Become Adept With The Social Media Environment [INFOGRAPHIC], Navigating Social Media: A Field Guide
Facebook has over 669 million daily active users and 16 Million local business pages, FB pages are a virtual storefront where businesses and customers can communicate with one another. It is a best network for B2C market and 2+ hours per week is good to spend.

With 500+ million users and 9.1K tweets generated every second. Twitter is a party line phone allowing users to share short bursts of content and listen to others even if they don't know them. best for B2C market and Commit 2+ hours per week is good.

With 27% of LinkedIn visit in mobile and 238 million users over 200 countries. LinkedIn connects you to professional within and outside of your industry. It's like a chamber mixer, you can show up and swap business cards, but it's not a big deal if you are absent for a few weeks. Best for B2B market.

Pinterest is visual way to save share interesting content online. Like an insect collection, you can categorize each pin and discover new content from other people's collections. It's 38th most visited site is the United States. Good for B2C market and 1 or 2 hours are good to spend each week.

YouTube is a world's No.1 video-sharing website where registered users can upload, view and share videos. It's a perfect place to learn and teach customers about your product or market. Good for B2C purposes.

Google Plus integrates with Google products including Places, which showcases your business on a map with reviews and details. As the world's Yellow Pages, it's an essential network for local businesses to start online. Google+ has 35% more monthly visits than Facebook. 100% of Google plus content is indexed to show up in Google search results Good for B2C market.

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