How To Boost LinkedIn Engagement [INFOGRAPHIC]

How To Boost LinkedIn Engagement [INFOGRAPHIC]
Are you leveraging LinkedIn to drive sales and increase traffic to your business? Although LinkedIn is not as appealing as Facebook, Googleplus or Twitter, but with 259 million users, 184 million monthly unique visitors, 3 million business pages and 2.1 million groups, it's a huge social network that you cannot afford to ignore. Still not convinced, check out this infographic from quicksprout to find out how can you use LinkedIn to grow your business, connect with your target market and become the authority in your niche.

How To Increase LinkedIn Engagement [INFOGRAPHIC]

Key takeaways

Posting 20 status updates a month will help reach 60 percent of your unique audience monthly.

60 percent of users are interested in Industry insights, while only 43 percent of users are interested in new products/services.

Image credit: Coletivo Mambembe


Anonymous said...

I run three of the largest professional technical groups on LinkedIn. Your "advice" (posting a status post every day) would quickly get you blocked in all three groups. Note that being blocked in a single group puts you on "Requires Moderation" status in all your other groups.

The Discussions section is for discussions in most moderated groups. Failing to observe the group rules turns your engagement strategy into a disaster.

Irfan Ahmad said...

Thanks for your feedback "Anonymous" I'm unable to find the ["advice" {posting a status post every day} (in groups)]. However, {Posting 20 status updates a month (on your feed) will help reach 60 percent of your unique audience monthly} is a good strategy.

Chris Herbert said...

Irfan, how is it that you'll reach 60% of your unique audience? Please walk me through the math or point me to the source that proves that claim. Thanks.

Irfan Ahmad said...

Here's the source Chris.

Chris Herbert said...

Thanks Irfan. I'll need to get my contacts at LinkedIn to do the math for me. I find the 60% reach math very fuzzy.