7 Effective Tips to Get The Best Result From Your Facebook Cover Photo

7 Effective Tips to Get The Best Result From Your Facebook Cover Photo
Your Facebook cover photo is the first thing your clients come in contact with when they visit your page. Facebook has made it so this photo stands out. It is more like a billboard for your brand. This is why it is important to utilize this space correctly. It is important to put up the most effective image that is not only highly pleasant to look at but also passes across a positive message about your brand. Many business owners with Facebook pages know how effective this photo is when it comes to invoking positivism from your intended clients. Unfortunately, they are still those who do not take it as seriously as they should. If you own a Facebook page dedicated to your business, here are 7 Effective Tips to Get The Best Result From Your Facebook Cover Photo.

1. Pick the Right Photo

This is very crucial. Everything else comes after you have picked the right photo. There is no point in doing everything else right only to display a photo that does not send out a positive image of your brand. Some people prefer to feature their logo, their company staff, a company function or a picture of their best and most famous product. Whatever you do, just make sure the chosen photo positively represents your company in one way or another. You can have a vote or a consensus with your marketing team as to which photo works best on your targeted audience.

2. Facebook Guidelines, Abide by Them!!

Although this might seem like a given to many people, there are some who still do not live by this rule. Facebook is the administrator, and as the administrator, they can choose to penalize your page should you not abide by the rules and regulations that they have in place. Be sure to follow the guidelines to the very last bit. You do not want your page penalized and your brand name tarnished by the embarrassment of being banned from Facebook for a fraction that might have been avoided.

3. Upload The Right Size Photo

851 pixels wide by 315 pixels tall, that is the right size for your Facebook cover photo. By following these dimensions, your cover photo will not only fit perfectly but it will look great as well. It will look like you took the time to design it specifically for your Facebook page. Which is something you should do by the way. Make sure that you keep the dimensions in mind when designing your Facebook Photo, see the infographic at the end for complete image dimensions.

4. Intergrate the Design With the Rest of Your Page

This is where your creative department comes in. Try as much as you can to integrate your cover photo with the rest of your Facebook page. For example, you can make the cover photo and the profile picture one piece that compliments one another. This shows that you put some actual thought into the design and that you care what the photo says to the rest of the world.

5. Try to Include a Call to Action

People need to be prompted to do things. Although you might think that the message was self explanatory and directing, you still need to include a 'call to action' button for implicitly direct people towards what you want them to do. Your cover photo is what they see first, this call to action should also be on their mind as they browse through your page.

6. Include a Clickable Link or Two

The whole point of doing this is so you can create leads. Including clickable links that lead people to either a sales landing page or further information is the one surest way of increasing your lead generation chances. Always include a clickable link within your cover photos description, but be sure that it leads to a relevant landing page and not just your home page. Clients seldom have the time to rummage through your entire site to find the information you had started giving them.

7. Use only 20% Text or Less

A Facebook cover photo should in part act as an inforgraphic. This means it should at the very least tell a complete story on its own. But as with all inforgraphics, there is a little room for text. With Facebook cover photos, there is no rule that says you should have only 20% text, at least not any more. But that does not mean that you should cover your cover photo with words. Try to include as few words as possible. Only to pass across a special message like maybe your Unique selling point.

Your cover photo is what marketers refer to as online 'real estate'. It is the one place you should try as much as you can to pass across a message. These 7 Tips can help you to get the best result from your Facebook Cover Photo.

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Author Bio:
Article contributed by Derek Fraser, he is an online manager for Luxury Rehab Center. He loves to blog about online strategies.
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