5 Biggest Social Media Fails In 2013 And Lesson Learned [INFOGRAPHIC]

5 Biggest Social Media Fails In 2013 And Lesson Learned [INFOGRAPHIC]
It's no wonder that even the best businesses, brands and companies have big social media fails. But successful brands are those who don't let their fear of failure hold them back because they avoid those mistakes by learning lesson from them and by identifying what cause the failure. Check out this infographic by searchenginejournal called top 5 social media fails of 2013 and lessened learned.

5 Biggest Social Media Fails In 2013 And Lesson Learned [INFOGRAPHIC]

infographic highlights

Bing gets social media razzie
Bing speculate on Oscar to promote their Bing It On campaign. All tweets included phrases about Oscar-nominated movies and a Bing It On slogan with the link and their hashtag.
Lesson: Your business won't happen at cost of stuffing trending topics with your promo.

Burger King Twitter account is hacked into McDonalds

Cyber jokers changed the logo, name and posted tweets about company's acquisition by McDonalds together with photos of Burger King's employee taking drugs in one of restaurant's toilets. The account was suspended. Lesson: Create a complicated password and react faster.

Amy's Baking Company insults reviewers
Restaurant owners called Yelpers and redditors shit, stupid, etc. on Their Facebook page. In the official version they said that accounts had been hacked and they were working with FBI to find the hacker. Lesson: Make your apologies sound credible and sincere.

Chrysler tweets and F-bomb
Chrysler account run by a third-party Social media marketing agency posted a tweet: "I find it ironic that Detroit is known as the #motorcity and yet no one here known how to f**king drive". Some one lost his job. Lesson: Mind the human factor and carefully choose your agency.

Bank of America Twitter account is a bot
Any questions to Bank of America were answered with automated replies on Twitter. Tweet like "Hi, what can we do for you?" didn't fit into the context and irritated the majority of followers. Lesson: Don't automate your tweets for no good reason.
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