25 Awesome Content Marketing Tools To Use In 2014 [infographic]

25 Awesome Content Marketing Tools To Use In 2014 [infographic]
Content marketing helps brands acquire customers by creating and publishing a range of content that is relevant and valuable. But Jumpstarting your content marketing efforts can be an uphill battle if you don't have the right set of tools in place to get the job done. So it's time to think like a journalist and a marketer to offer your audiences content that is both useful and entertaining, similar to the value a publication brings to its readers. The Social Media Strategies Summit team has gathered stand-out examples of five tools across five categories of content marketing including, content curation, content creation, finding writers, content promotion, as well as content marketing analytics and tracking. This is not a comprehensive list, simply 25 tools that you can use to augment your brand's content marketing strategy.
25 Outstanding Content Marketing Tools For Brands To Use In 2014 - infographic

25 Outstanding Content Marketing Tools For Brand - infographic

Curation - These tools help in the process of discovering and gathering a range of web content related to a particular topic, then displaying it in a meaningful and easily digestible format.
  • list.ly
  • storify.com
  • curata.com
  • magnify.net
  • aboutecho.com

Creation - These tools are most useful in helping you visualize digital content without outsourcing to designers.
  • knowledgevision.com
  • corp.lingospot.com
  • visual.ly
  • prezi.com
  • issuu.com

Finding content writers - In order to create great content for your brand, you have to have someone do the work. These tools help you find writers and possibly designers to create all that great content you have in mind.
  • scripted.com
  • contently.com
  • skyword.com
  • zerys.com
  • writeraccess.com

Content promotion and distribution - Having great content isn't enough if it's not distributed to a wide or target audience. These tools aid in making sure your content is seen and clicked.
  • bufferapp.com
  • outbrain.com
  • contentblvd.com
  • gravity.com
  • onespot.com

Marketing analytics and tracking - Once content has been distributed across platforms, use these tools to track engagement and analyze effectiveness.
  • webtrends.com
  • act-on.com
  • marketo.com
  • genuis.com
  • pardot.com
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