Why Tech-Marketing Does More Harm than Good [INFOGRAPHIC]

When Tech-Marketing Does More Harm than Good [INFOGRAPHIC]
Harnessing technology can create successful sales, but it can also result in major disasters. Marketing company Neolane recently revealed their general proofing neglect after sending mass emails addresses "Dear," Not the best way to make your customers feel like they matter. In the same way, McDonald's tried to engage its customer with a promotional hashtag campaign. Unfortunately they didn't foresee the kind of negative backlash they've receive from allowing customers to tweet real life McDonald's stories - #pinkslim. So why tech marketing strategies such as videos, hashtag, email marketing, QR code and marketing automation - fail and what lesson we need to learn from their mistakes? Check out this infogrphic from Lattice team to take a note from these top marketing fails so history doesn't repeat itself.

Digital marketing fails - When Tech-Marketing Does More Harm than Good - what to learn from it and how to tackle it [INFOGRAPHIC]

Lesson learned from infographic:

Why QR codes may fail

  • Placed in areas without reception
  • Placed on- non-flat objects
  • Codes are in places viewers can't reach
  • Don't have a viable call to action
  • Site linked to the QR code is not mobile-optimized.

Why hashtags may fail

  • Lack of audience control
  • Using hashtags that are already popular
  • Using political or human situations just to get more promotion
  • Not knowing your audeince.

Why video marketing may fail

  • No branded content
  • Not knowing your audience
  • Not engaging enough
  • No call to action
  • No tracking
  • Overly promotional
  • Too long.

Why emails may fail

  • Not targeting correct audience
  • Not authenticating your email
  • Not making your email mobile friendly.

Why marketing automation may fail

  • No sales and marketing alignment
  • The wrong analytics
  • Poor strategy
  • Poor content Marketing

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