7 Tips To Build Your Brand Presence Online Without Relying Solely On SEO [INFOGRAPHIC]

7 alternatives of SEO To Build Your Brand Presence Online [INFOGRAPHIC]
Although SEO considered as the main factor for increasing the ranking of any web page, but it is not the only way that can be used to building a brand's online presence and popularize your website. Here are 7 exceptional ways in the infographic to build your brand's web presence without just relying on SEO.

7 Tips To Build Your Brand Presence Online Without Relying Solely On SEO [INFOGRAPHIC]

Offer free reports

Offer a write a monthly column or report for a publication that covers your industry - pro bono. For the first time since 19778, fewer than 40,000 people are working staff jobs in newspaper newsrooms. That's 30 percent drop since 2000 and newspapers employ about the same number of journalists today as the did in the late 1970s, and they are paying for them with roughly the same amount of adverting revenue as in the 1950s.

Good design matters

People always appreciate, love and share useful content, e.g infographics, eBooks, videos, photographs. In a recent test, 94% of people listed factors related to web design as reasons why they rejected or distrusted a website.

Face to face meeting

An email introduction to a journalist or a potential business connection is fine of course, but meeting face-to-face is so much more powerful. It puts a context to everything. So make it a point to attend industry mixers and networking events. Eye-to-eye contact and body language have lots of power that doesn't come through on email, texts and phone calls.

A super advocate

When hiring a public relations person, make sure you have an extraordinary and super excited advocate, not just a PR person - there's a big difference. There's a lot of clutter out there... you will want to make sure your message is standing out amongst all the noise.

Be the first to provide stories

Stay forefront of your friends, colleagues and followers by frequently reaching out every so often with latest events, industry news or funny stories about the matters you know they will be interested in.

Engage with influencers

There were more than 156 million blogs/blogger on the internet, find and connect with the writers and bloggers in your industry and make sure to regularly follow and comment on their posts that you like or disagree with.

Offer content for free

Offer your content - articles, visual data and video tutorials to editors and bloggers. Share what you create to increase inbound links naturally.

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  1. HI Irfan,

    These are definitely some great alternatives to using SEO. While I am a fan of SEO, I definitely do not try to focus 100% on it.

    The last thing you want to do is have all your traffic come from Google. If you put yourself in this position, then you are at their mercy and will constantly worry everytime they have an update.

    You have definitely shared some great tips and I know they will help anyone who wants to find new ways to generate traffic to their site.

    1. Thank you so much Susan for the comment. Definitely, Internet marketers should not solely depend on Google or SEO. Social media marketing and above mentioned methods can be helpful.

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