Social Media Evolution In Last 5 Years [INFOGRAPHIC]

Social Media Evaluation In Last 5 Years [INFOGRAPHIC] - owly image
In the last 5 years social media has grown to unfathomable heights. From dorm room inventions to a multi billion dollar industry, social media has changed the way people drive, social, political and economic change. The social media company HootSuite has celebrated its fifth birthday on 28, Nov 2013. The HootSuite team has designed this nifty infographic to thanks over 8 million users and partners who have been a part of their incredible social media management platform. The following visual shows a timeline of the last 5 years of social media landscape that how it has grown and influenced our social lives.

Social Media Evaluation In Last 5 Years [INFOGRAPHIC] - Check out HootSuite's infographic below for cool social media facts and statistics

Highlights from infographic

  • There are 1,730,000,000 active social media users worldwide.
  • 1/4 of the world's population uses social media.
  • The total value of top three social networks including Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn is $150 Billion.
image: lifeofowly


  1. I think you mean "Evolution" in the headline. Great post, very interesting stats.

    1. Opps... mistake... Corrected it. Thank you so much Anne Mowat for the help. :)

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