15+ Fun Facts on Social Media in The UK [INFOGRAPHIC]

15+ surprising and Fun Facts on Social Media in The UK [INFOGRAPHIC]
The United Kingdom takes the top spot as the world leader in social media use, and in honor of social marketing company Offerpop opening up their international offices in London, the company decided to take a deeper look into the social media statistics in the United Kingdom. It’s no surprise that Cadbury chocolate and Manchester United are two of the hottest social media pages in the UK. But did you know that the birth of Royal baby George landed the British Monarchy a whopping 40,000 new Twitter followers? Read on to learn more surprising facts about the social media traffic of our friends across the pond.

15+ Fun Facts on Social Media in The UK [INFOGRAPHIC], suprising stats about united kingdom social media

Infographic highlights

  • 95% of 16-20 years old the UK have used Facebook in the last month.
  • London has more social media jobs than anywhere outside the US, according to LinkedIn.
  • 36% of UK consumers use social media to interact with brands.
  • Stop the presses! But don't stop the music. Rihanna beats out Eminem as the UK's most liked Celebrity page and Coldplay has more fans than The Beatles.
  • The UK loves their footy. It's home to arguably the best league in the world. It's not surprising England's Manchester United is the UK's most liked sports page beating out Christiano Ranoldo himself at no. 2.
  • Adele sets fire to the Twitter charts as she became the most followed account in the UK.
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