How To Take Control Of Your Facebook Profile Privacy

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Your social profile can make or break your job prospects, because 76 % of employers will look into your Facebook profile to see what do you post, your background, negative replies and inappropriate updates. Your data can be accessed if you didn't set up a filter. Nothing is hidden from FB graph search - e.g, apps you use, interests, like TV programs, your favorite movies, blogs, relation status, about section etc. So it's essential to show off only nice things about yourself. But don't worry, below infographic will explain how to control what they see - A complete guide to take control of your Facebook profile privacy.

How To Take Control Of Your Facebook Profile Privacy

1. Can employers find you?

Click on the setting icon at the top right corner of your Facebook profile. Select settings and find. "Who can look up your timeline by name?" And make sure you select only "Friends" so employers of other people can't look you up by address, phone number or name. Select "Off" to make sure employers don't find you via Google.
Hide your tagged photos
On the same pages as #1 find "Who can see my stuff". Now make sure only your "friends" can see all future posts. Use the "Activity Log" to receive a notification to approve any photos you are tagged in. You can also "Limit Past Posts" to make sure employers don't see a photo your shared back in the day.

Tagged in an inappropriate photo?
Report it. At the bottom of the photo, click Options and select Report/Remove tag.

2. Make your photo albums private

Go to your profile, click the photos tab and select "albums". Make each of you albums private by selecting the privacy icon at the bottom of each album. Note you cover photos and mini profile avatar will always be public.

3. View as public

Go to your profile page, click on setting icon next to Activity Log. Click "View As..." to see what an employer might see if she stumbled upon your profile.
Want to make some information private? Facebook enables you to edit individual sections on your profile. Look for "Edit". Change your privacy settings by clicking "Lock button"

4. Graph search privacy?

The new Facebook Graph search allows your friends to search and find you based on your personal info, like location, tagged photos and "likes". All the more reason for No. one 3! To edit privacy settings for your likes, hit "More on your profile tabs under your cover photo. Make sure nothing is shared with the public."

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