10 Types Of Social Media Violators [infographic]

10 Types Of Social Media Violaters [infographic]
Do you share too many sweet children photos on your timeline. Or do you love to post reality shows and TV programs. May be you love to discuss political-jabber on Twitter or Facebook and sometimes you update a vague status. If you said 'yes' to any of above statements, you'll need to rejoin your reformation classes. But don't worry you would not be alone in your social media school. Many among us feel guilty of some kind of bad social habits. The team at mylife have surveyed nine hundred American adults and their study shows some shocking stories about social media manners.
Take a look at the infographic and know if you are a social violator.

what is your social media personality: infographic
Source: Mylife.com/blog/social-media-personas
Infographic source: Visual.ly/surprising-stats-about-social-media-etiquette

This survey reveled that more than 35 percent of adults share TV and movie spoilers on social sites and only 14 percent of them are guilty of this.
Nearly 90 percent of young parents share photos of their children.
10 % of users say that they have been unfriended due to posting political talk.

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