Stay On Top Of What's Trending In Social Media

Stay On Top Of What's Trending In Social Media: infographic
Social media is evolving at rapid pace. It can seem like there's always a new buzz-worthy app, or notable update to the leading social sites. No need to feel overwhelmed! This infographic breakdown the latest from the top four social sites, and showcase next big six social networks you should know about.

Stay On Top Of What's Trending In Social Media: infographic

Facebook - It is no surprise the Facebook is the largest social network, with over half the world's population actively using the site. Additionally, new updates such as Graph Search indicate the site is becoming more of search platform to elevate your online presence.

Twitter - Is also among the rapidly growing social media sites in the world, and has seen fast growth in older users recently. Sharing news, content and opinions in real time through tweets and relevant hashtags makes this site the "must follow" for trending topics.

YouTube - 6 billion hours of YouTube is watched every month. YouTube is the leading video social site posting and sharing, and content is being rapidly shared and consumed on mobile devices.

LinkedIn - Is the largest professional social media site, with more than 200 million members worldwide. It has solidified its reputation as a networking must-do, and is a unique social site dedicated to connecting with other professionals and businesses of interest.

The next six social media sites to watch

Google+ - is now the second largest social network for registered users, and Google is hard at working to build overall activity and sharing on the network through unique social features like Hangout and many more. Adding the +1 icon to your website/blog has been shown to increase page traffic by 350%.

Pinterest - Inspiration sharing site, Pinterest, is the leader in social commerce. Pinterest has better activity per follower than Facebook and Twitter, and popular pins can drive traffic and awareness to your site.

Tumblr - is the simplest way to blog and now powers 126 million blogs. Posts can be short and image-heavy, and are easy to upload from a mobile device. Tumblr is great for people interested in picture blogging but not ready to make a big blogging time commitment.

Instagram - Popular sharing application, Instagram, recently launched video sharing, capitalizing one of the latest social crazes. Easily upload, filter and share photos and videos with your network, and 'like' favorites from your friends.

Snapchat - 540 million photos are uploaded and shared every day, and Snapchat is the second contributing photo sharing app, behind Facebook. This application is particularly popular with young audiences, and is unique in that photos and videos shared self-destruct after being viewed.

Path - Want a social network that feels more personal? Path limits your network to just 150 people, so you are connecting and sharing content with only your closest contacts for added privacy.

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