Socially Acceptable: The state of social recruiting in 2013

Socially Acceptable: The state of social recruiting in 2013: infographic
For 6 years we've been talking about social recruiting and its importance as an essential part of the hiring process. Just like marketers, recruiters must leverage all channels to find the right candidate. This year, however social recruiting has proven a mainstay for serious recruiters. The Jobvite 2013 social recruiting survey examines the state of social hiring and the insights recruiters are gathering from these channels.

Socially Acceptable: The state of social recruiting in 2013

Key facts from infographic:

Many companies plan to increase their investment in candidate recruiting in 2013, compared to the amount they spent in 2012. Social networking tops this list, with companies projecting a 73 percent increase in investment from 2012 to 2013.

LinkedIn is still the most popular place to get candidates, with Facebook and Twitter holding strong behind.

By vetting candidates on social channels, recruiters can make more informed decisions. Recruiters reactions to seeing certain attributes on candidates social pages. 42 percent have reconsider a candidates based on content viewed in a social profile, leading to both positive and negative re-assessments.

Social Media recruiting is still going strong. With the recent insights into its benefits to companies' hiring procedures, we can now see this invaluable process is here to stay.

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