21 Best iPad Apps For Entrepreneurs and Marketers

21 Best iPad Apps For Entrepreneurs and Marketers
To turn any ideas into reality you've got to stay on track and make the best use of limited time, especially if you are an entrepreneur or small business owner, your responsibility get double. But thanks to mobile applications that make our lives more productive and convenient than ever before. So without further ado here I've collected 21 top and best iPad apps that every entrepreneur and marketer should use to stay organized, up-to-date, connected and entertained.

Bloomberg - Be update with the world economy.

Evernote - Create notes with text photos and voice recordings and share them.

GoToMeeting - A web conferencing and online meetings app that allows you to share your presentation and screen.

Office2hd - Open, create, view and edit office documents.

Google Drive - Access all the documents in one place.

Yelp - Easily search for restaurants, bars and shopping centers.

Keynote - Create wonderful presentations and add media, a variety of tablets, 2D and 3D charts and more.

Flipboard - Create your own magazines on different topics.

CNBC - Get important information about stocks, indices, news and much more.

Accuweather - Know the weather conditions for any place in the world.

Flightboard - Keep track of all the arrivals and departures of flights all over the world.

Skype - Call people all around the world with voice calls, video calls or send instant messages.

Lunchbox - See all the restaurants, shopping centers, bars, nightclubs near your area.

Catch notes - Is a great app that allows entrepreneurs to capture their innovative creations so they never miss anything like text, voice or notes either online or offline.

Bento - Create anything from recipes inventory and different lists, organize contacts and clients and more.

Tripit - Plan your trips in full detail on your iPad.

StumbleUpon - Enables you to discover amazing stuff from the internet it shows only personalized interests that you like.

Jasmine - Is a is a good and free YouTube app alternative, along with the video it enables you to play audio in the background as well.

Mention - Is a social media application that tracks and alerts when someone mention you or your brand name.

Remember the Milk - A great app that allows you to access your to-do work-list from anywhere in the world, never miss an event, get reminders in the form of emails and text.

Dragon Dictation - A voice recognition app that enables you to give commands to your iPad and control it with your voice.

I won't charge you if you tell me your favorite app in the comments.
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  1. Procreate incorporates an unobtrusive UI with easy access sliders, which enable you to quickly adjust the size of your brush/opacity as you work. It saves time and lets you concentrate on what you're painting rather than getting distracted by pop-up menus. 
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