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If 2012 taught us anything, it's that investment in online content is on the rise. Looking forward to 2013, brands will be seeking the increased audience engagement on social media (especially Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google+) that comes from effective content creation, SEO, share-ability, and interactivity aside.

Google+ has 359 million+ monthly active users. With advanced targeting options and a rapidly growing user base, Google+ provides businesses, decision makers and marketers alike with a number of advantages. Here we take a look why should your business be on Google+ including some tools and tips.

Despite significant growth, users spent a mere average of 6 minutes and 47 seconds on G+ in March! 63% of Google+ users are men with a tendency to post about technology; college students and software developers comprise two of the biggest user groups on Google+.

Content posted to Google+ will appear in the natural search results on Google. If you’re searching for a product, you will be able to see in the search results how many people have +1’d it, including any friends in your Google+ circles, making search results more personal and relevant, hopefully resulting in more qualified traffic to the respective site.

When and what to post?

Brands that post outside of business hours on other social media platforms have been found to have 20% higher engagement rates than average. Since Google+ is known for its geek and techy group of users, post at lunch time when professionals are checking up on social platforms.

Post often and post smart. A consistent flow of informative yet easily consumed and/or sharable content, scheduled during the same peak hours your audience is online, will gamer that most views and deepen audience engagement.

Grouping your followers into distinct “circles” and showing the content you post to a specific circle is likely to result in higher click-through rates and more engagement from those followers. Post your businesses updates, new products or services, blog posts, industry-related news or articles, promotions, or career postings. Particularly if you are in a technology-related vertical, having a Google+ presence could increase awareness of your  brand among decision makers. Post images and videos related to your brand to keep your followers engaged.

Helpful Tools

Google+Timing - Google+Timing analyzes the history of your previous posts to determine your best day and hour to post content to Google+.

Google Insights And Google Trends
Are free tools that can provide insight into what terms people are searching for or what’s trending now. This can help you when determining what relevant keywords to include in your content on Google+ in order to show on the SERP for related search queries.

Socialstatistics - Is a great tool that gives detailed statistics about what's hot on Google+ including people and their posts.

Ow.ly Using a link shortener site, such as ow.ly, allows you to trace up how many people click on a link you posted.

Widgetsplus - Adding the +1 button across your site generates 3.5x more visits to your Google+ page than sites without the button. Widgetsplus allows website owners and bloggers to display a customized Google+ profile widget.

Commonly Used Terms

Circles are groupings of those you are following on Google+. For example, you could create an“Industry” circle and choose to share content with those who  you’ve categorized as other professionals in your industry.

Hangout Google+ hangout is an organized video conference using a webcam where  you can chat with u to nine people at once.

Posts Similar to Facebook, a post is something you’ve chosen to share with your circles on Google+. As long as they’ve added you back to one of their circles,  they will see your posted content.

Explore create an event and invitation. Change permission settings to allow guests to share photos to the event easily and in real time from a desktop or phone.

Local under the local tab, view recommended places(i.e. restaurants, cafes,hotels) near your locations based on businesses’ Google+ Local profiles. View places by  top reviewers or by ratings from people in your circles.
Complete Google+ Glossary by Martin Shervington
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infographic: Why Should Your Business Be On Google+

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