What a Relationship on Social Media Should Look Like

image: What a Relationship on Social Media Should Look Like

Why a real relationship on social media should like a love story, see this infographic called the social part of social media.

Your Twitter Feed in like a party

Parties are full of people, but only some catch your attention. What's the tweet that instantly stops someone in their tracks? What's the Pinterest image that takes your breath away? Attracting people on social media is no different than attracting them in real life.

Make your first impression a lasting one

There's a big different between a superficial pickup word and an interesting and engaging conversation. Always share relevant and valuable content that will attract your audience, so they naturally want to learn more about you. Think about what content will keep them coming back for more.

Keep the conversation going

Clicking refresh every second doesn't mean a new comment will appear on your latest post. If you want to take the relationship to the next level, follow up with an invitation for your first real date - your first real chance to pitch your value.

Seal the deal with personalized gestures

Boring dates are the worst. Draw on prior conversations (and a little internet sleuthing) to make your conversations more personal. Catering to someone's unique interests and needs, helps make someone comfortable enough to make a commitment.

You're both only human (if you use social right)

There will be times where your customers will be upset with you. No relationship would be complete without some quarrels. Keep your relationship healthy by using a hashtag where both parties can talk out their concerns.

Don't let the love fade after the honeymoon stage

Customers don't want to be forgotten. Delight your customers by keeping the conversation going. Maybe throw in some flowers, or an invite to the webinar, as a symbol of your growing relationship

INFOGRAPHIC: What a Real Relationship in Social Media Should Look Like

infographic by: Blog.hubspot.com/social-media-relationships-infographic
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