Way To Social Success in 2013

Image: Way To Social Success in 2013

Your style of social media presence will greatly influence how you are perceived. Branding communicating who they are is a very important learning process. Though to many, social media sites are still the reserve of the young and carefree, the truth is that over time social media has become an ever increasing integral part of the success of today's small business. Here is a game plan how to boost your online presence in 2013 see the infographic.

Assess Your Social Fitness

Are you entirely new to social media, or are you a well-seasoned veteran? Either way, start the year by assessing your social media fitness. Ask yourself questions such as: How would I rate my company's use of social media? Where are there opportunities to grow or improve our social media presence? In what areas do we excel using social media in our business? What social sites are we using and how? Revisit your social goals why you're using social media and evaluate its importance to your business.

Establish Ways To Measure Success

Establishing success metrics in advance are important for evaluating social media efforts. Consider various ways to gauge success as the year progresses.

Be A Better Listener

Social media isn't just about outbound communications. Use it to stay on top of the conversations around your brand and your industry. Devote more time to listening in. 79% of social media marketers say they monitor social media for mentions of their business several times a week. 73% of social media marketers say they monitor social media for industry conversations several times a week.

Communicate In New Ways

Don't just stick to the same old posts. Diversify the kinds of content you share on social media to keep your fans and followers engaged and interested.

Develop Your Response To Customers

Social media sites allow business and patrons to engage in a conversation and it's a two way street. Establish a protocol for how you'll respond to customer.

Integrate All Your Social Platforms

Don't do it alone. If you haven't already. Look into using a social media management app that lets you control and monitor all your different platforms from one dashboard.

Integrate Other Inbound Activities

Make social double-duty by integrating social media with other marketing efforts. Examples include: Direct followers to join email lists. Ask followers to refer your business to others. Build your customer profile with information from your followers. Boost PR efforts by reaching out to journalists on social sites.

Integrate Team Members

Socially mature businesses incorporate more people in the organization's social media efforts. If resources allow, consider identifying and training several team members to assist.

Don't Be Discouraged By Challenges

Plenty of other businesses are facing the same challenges with social media. Make an effort to stay up-to-date on the latest tools and trends to overcome these challenges.

Learn From The Year-In-Review

Take some time to assess your year in social media, then establish ways to check in regularly to identify social media successes, challenges, and opportunities.

Infographic: Way To Social Success in 2013

Infographic By intuit.com
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