There Is More To Social Media For Small Businesses

image: There Is More To Social Media For Small Businesses

Today, it's not enough for small business to solely use social media for their immediate marketing needs. They need to saw it throughout the fabric of their entire business strategies - from customer service to collecting and prioritizing product ideas - in order to derive the most value.

Lessons From Small Business For Big Social Media

Respond Immediately To Customer

Small business can't afford to ignore customer feedback - no matter how positive or negative, serious or trite. They stay on top of their branded Facebook accounts and online social communities, while big businesses often have to go through board approvals and bureaucracy.

Use Social Technologies 24/7 For Customer Support

Social technology has a unique ability to bring small business customers together in one forum to not only open communication lines among members, but to also build a network where customers assist in solving their own issues on an around-the-clock basis. These technologies help identify champions and connect them to prospects.

Discover The New Benefits Of Social Media Beyond Marketing

Successful small businesses, equipped with little more than determination and limited budgets and staff, have to stretch everything they have to get where big businesses are. Cost - effective social solutions, like a branded customer community, help them perform business functions like collecting and prioritizing customer-generated product ideas, and setting up social support system.

There Is More To Social Media For Small Businesses infographic:

Infographic: There's More To Socila Media For Small Businesses

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