Simple Tips For Facebook Page Managers

5 Simple Tips For Facebook Page Managers

Learn how to get more social exposure for your business by optimizing your Facebook fan page.

Provide value - People always like tips, tools, resources and helpful information! If you re-post third-party articles, provide your own insights and thoughts on the item so that your view and knowledge is shared. As well, post re-shareable information that others will opt to pass on.

Be responsive - Answer fan posts in a timely manner! Use monitoring tools to alert you to new comments and messages. Remember to keep responses personal.

Post at best times -  Use Facebook's insights tool to discover when your target audience is online and when they are most engaged. Are your fans more opt to engage during the weekday or on weekends? Best posting times vary by page and industry!

Image drive more engagement - On Facebook, a picture is worth than thousand words! Images are the #1 driver of engagement since Timeline launched. Post images to an album and consider adding a URL in your description.

Use custom tabs - Custom tab that offer coupons, and deals are big boosters of fan engagement. Use apps that draw people in and which enable them to easily share the promo with their friends and networks.
check out this infographic:
12 key items to review to help maximize your Page's potential
Simple Tips For Facebook Page admins and Managers: infographic

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